Delivery of bus cases

The bus case was hoisted up to be assembled in the depot.

Steam Clean

Workers cleaning the machines in the KMB depot. The workers used high-temperature steam to remove the grease from the parts, added new lubricant, and reassembled the machine. The sideways lighting added to the depth while the steam helped bring out the theme.

齒輪轉動疾飛馳 潤滑維修總不離
久積垢污難潔淨 高溫蒸汽滌油脂

Lunch at a hurry

Driver hurrying to finish his lunch. Because KMB did not provide lunch time, drivers had to make early departures or grab quick bites between stops. Many bus drivers therefore shared a common occupational illness: stomach pains.

So Uk Bus Terminal

A top-down view of the So Uk Estate bus terminal. The colours that Ho Sau observed during filming were different from that of the developed photograph. Temperature changes led to changes in colour temperature creating unexpected effects. The three curves lead to an extension of space implying greater possibilities beyond.

Waiting for bus

Passers-by waiting for the transport in heavy fog. In the heavy fog with light rain, two persons holding umbrellas were waiting for the bus in the foggy countryside. Shooting in the heavy fog usually grays out the picture; only using wide lenses to shot close-up to the subject can create clear black and white.

茫茫白霧豆羹濃 翹望公車粉雨中
郊外安居雖恬靜 卻嫌煩惱在交通

KMB Orchestra

The KMB marching band was formed by ticket sellers and checkers, and gives uniformed performances. They would resume work after a performance. Three performers of the marching band were arranged diagonally in this photograph and their varying distance from the lens creates a sense of depth. Yellow filters were used to make the sky dark grey and highlight the subjects.

隊員吹奏確傳神 質感生輝頗類真
觀賞畫圖深體會 如聞美樂徹行雲

Good-bye in blues

Documentary photography may occasionally be presented from another angle using subjective imagination. The picture used a 1970s bus as the background to specify the year and background; the man was furrowing his brows in displeasure and the woman was walking away from him. Ho Sau imagined that they were walking their separate ways, and used composition, direction cues and background to create this photo in his subjective eye.

結緣人海話綿綿 鴛侶築巢情意堅
無奈瑣聞傳複雜 蜚言難釋恨交煎

Bus Terminus at Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier

The picture shows the bus terminal outside Star House, formerly known as ‘Tin Sing Hang. Ho Sau drove Bus No.2 into the Star Ferry Bus Terminal and caught the sight of a woman waiting for bus or somebody.

Inside of KMB Depot

KMB depot at Po Lun Street, next to Mei Foo Sun Chuen. It is now moved to the New Territories.

Crowdedness on the road

Pupils going from school back home in the rain. People and buses were jammed on the road. The Lei Cheng Uk Resettlement blocks were visible in the distance.

Rooftop of KMB Depot

A view of the KMB depot from the rooftop.

Changing Bus Tires

KMB technicians changing tires. All changes and mends were done by dedicated mechanics. Their jackets were marked with the words “Tire department”.

悶氣抑鬱盈胸 畢竟海量能容
肩荷無比重壓 從不埋怨辛勞
捨己為人精神 值得尊崇
最堪讚歎 絕不邀功
- 有助推動城市血脈的流通
促成社會繁榮的無名英雄 我要為它們歌頌