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中區警處 Central Police Station

中區警署建築群佔地22,150平方米,呈現了香港早期的執法、司法和刑法的工作。過去沒有太多市民談論如何保育這組古蹟,直至2003年第一任行政長官董建華在施政報告中提出,讓私營機構將該建築群發展為零售、飲食和文娛區後,社會才開始熱烈討論起來。 The Central Police Station Compound took up a land area of 22,150 square metres. It is a living record of the legal, judiciary and penal system of early Hong Kong. In the past, preservation of this set of monuments was rarely mentioned among the public. It was not until 2003 when the first Chief Executive Tung Chee Wah proposed in his Policy Address that private organizations should be involved in developing the compound into a retail, dining and entertainment area, that social discussions blossomed.
香港記憶計劃 Hong Kong Memory Project ,資料及圖片 Contributor:陳天權 Mr.Chan Tin Kuen